How to make High Quality Backlink? - Best 8 effective ways

How to make High Quality Backlink  Best 8 effective ways
How to make High Quality Backlink Best 8 effective ways

Want to get better results from Search Engine So today I will tell you how to make high quality backlinks? This related guide will do. Friends work on an algorithm to give google ranking. All of these Factors are saved in that algorithm. Maybe you will not know But, Google has told itself officially. "Backlinks" is one of their top ranking factors.

Friends, there is so much competition on the internet today. But always remember The one who is on top will get the same benefit. Whether it is traffic, earning Adsense or earning affiliate marketing. Who has organic traffic? He will get all the benefits which are at the highest place. And I will admit that you have had so much experience in blogging. What is SEO? All the necessary information about this has to be done. But today we are going to cover the most important topic of search engine optimization. That's backlinks

Always remember, if there is a lot of competition in your focus keyword. So without backlinks, you can not google the first-page crack

How to Create High Quality Backlinks?

What do you have backlinks before moving forward? It is very important to know. Then you will understand the importance of today's article. Leave, you can read it now. I currently have a whole idea here.

Backlinks are only a hyper link. I mean to say. That, the URL of one of the web pages is present on another website. Which any visitor can click on a page and go to another page. That's called backlink itself.

If you do not understand yet, I will explain it by giving an example. Suppose the link to your blog post has been added to my post. And then one of my visitors clicks on that link and reaches your blog. Someone loads another website by following a webpage's link or URL. So this link is called backlink itself.

#1. Comment on another site

The easiest and best way to make backlinks. Commenting on that other site There is no need to do anything in this. In the comment section just to place your name and the URL along with it. When a moderator of that blog approves your comment. So you will easily get a backlink.

However, blog commenting gives us a no-follow link. But if you research on a bit of internet, then you get a site like this. Which provides the Do-Follow link. This thing is also true. That if we create a link from high authority sites. So no-follow link also gives great benefits.

#2. Guest Post

This method is also very useful. Believe it's a little hard work. But this method will get backlinks. He is quite safe and economical. I think you will not know about guest post So in the first place, you understand it. So let's write a post for a popular blog and contact the owner of that blog and submit the written article to us. This is called guest post only.

Now the owner will publish that post on his blog. He will get a post in free and he will, in turn, mention the URL of your site in that post. From which you will get a high quality backlink. In this way, you get a link from a web page. Which gives a very good result in addition to the other method.

But always take care of one thing. Before submitting the guest post to any blog, choose a similar blog. Which has more domain authority Also, the subject matter of that website should be similar to yours.

#3 Web 2.0 Links

It has such links. Which we can make with our own hands. Web 2.0 is also known as CMS. This is such a platform. The website can be created by making an account in free.

You must have heard about a platform like Blogger, WordPress, and tumbler. We have to create a free website at this. You have to post some posts in it and link it to your main site. This is called Web 2.0 Links.

# 4. Join Forums

There are advantages of double joining a forum. In this, you will get high quality backlink as well as a lot of traffic. The forum is a platform. People at the zombie ask their questions and others answer.

You must know the names of big forums like Quora and yahoo answer. So simply make the account on it. Related to your niche if any questions ask. So, along with your answer, the URL of the site is also done.

Here is some forum where you can make DA backlinks

# 5. YouTube

YouTube is a very big platform. Both domain and page authority is high. Making a backlink from YouTube is very easy. You must first create the YouTube channel from that account. The email id from which your blog has to be submitted in the google webmaster tool. Then there is an option of the Associate website in the setting section of the channel. There you can add your URL.

If you also upload videos on every single post Backlinks can also be found by adding a link to the description. Keep in mind that the added link in the description box will be no-follow.

#6. Directory submission

In this method, we have to create an account on the Popular Web Directory site. Then you have to submit your site or link to the article. Then these platforms list URLs on the base of category and subcategory. Which gives us a high quality and do follow the link.

You can submit your blog to the sites below. This is the high authority web directory.

#7. Social media

Social media is the way. People in which millions are active. Backlink can also be found along with social media traffic. The first thing you need to do is create an account on social sites for your brand page. Then whenever any new post is published then. Then there will be a link to that post on a platform like facebook and twitter.

Of course, social media also offers a no-follow link. But due to the authority of these websites, there is a lot of benefits. Secondly, our new post from social media sharing also gets indexed very fast.

#8. Write a unique content

At last, I would like to say this to you. Let's always focus on writing quality content. It has two benefits. One if your content quality is so great. Some people also come from some people. And reading that article is very mindful. So Google gets this message. There is some helpful information in this content. Then he would consider it worth the top position. Then gradually, Google will bring that result up.

The second benefit is this. That if a blogger noticed your content He even felt your content good. So the blogger will link to that article in the future. And you will provide a high-quality backlink.

Final Words

So let's be friends in this article in today's way, how do we create a high quality backlink? Read about it. I hope you have liked this article today. Still, there are some questions. Then comment by clicking below.

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