What is Bounce Rate? What the Relation Of Bounce Rate In SEO & Google Analytics

What is Bounce Rate? What the Relation Of Bounce Rate In SEO & Google Analytics
What is Bounce Rate?

To maintain the reputation of the website in the search engine; And to maintain rank of post in SERPs; Bounce rate is a very important factor. But the question is here. What is Bounce Rate? It is important to know this to the new blogger. Did not pay attention to this.

So, the webmaster will not give the same value to our website. So, what is the bounce rate for you today? And what can be the loss of it. I will guide about this. Not only this. How to reduce the bounce rate? I will also give information about this.

What is Bounce Rate?

We can also call it unit. Such as kg, litter etc. But this term comes related to blog and blogger. It is calculated in percentages. And that is the percentage. Visitors who visit our website immediately go away.

Simply put, people who search something on the internet. And after reading a single post or page, they go back. This is called bounce rate only. Let's say, if 100 people come to our website. And 40 of them were such people. Who just read a page and went back. In this case our bounce rate will be 40%. If you want to check your blog's bounce rate Then you can use google analytics.

Due to rising bounce rate and losses: -

  • Website design is not good
  • Loading speed is high.
  • Post rank on Wrong keyword.
  • Low quality content
  • Do not focus on the user's ability.
  • Boring post

Do not put you in much confusion. I will say directly in the word. Relation of Bounce Rate comes directly on SEO ranking. How do you think? So see What is it? When a visitor comes to our website. So google sees this thing. Of how long the visitor pauses on our site. If visitors arrive immediately after coming. So google looks like this. The people are not interested in this blog. This user did not work at all for the user or the user. In such a way Google will stop ranking us. And the index post will also push down the index post.

How to reduce blog's increased bounce rate?

Boost page speed

The reason for the increase of bounce rates in 80% of cases is the speed of the blog. You may know Any website which is not open before 3 seconds. Do not like to open it. For example: - Suppose you have a post ranking on google. Due to lack of early openness, the user will quickly ignore him. And go to another site. We have two losses here. One visitor will go away while visiting. This will not increase the traffic of our blog. And if the visitor opens the page for a few seconds. And goes. So our bounce rate will be high. To keep it or keep it low, reduce your page loading speed.

Take care of Focus keywords:

Many times this happens. We do target. One word, and our post is optimize. Any other focus keyword Because of that, our post ranks on the wrong query. If that happens. So people will come to our blog. But they will go back because they do not get the job done. That's why your keyword is. Target him till last.

Write awesome content

Always try to write a great content. Do not bore visitors by reading Sometimes it happens. The user starts reading the article. But the writing skill of the article is quite useless. It does not look good at reading a visitor. And they go back. Because of that, our bounce rate increases. That's why always try to write unique and user friendly articles.

Internal linking

If you want to lower the bounce rate. So, the best way is to do it. Internal linking This will increase the traffic of your blog. And this is also the reason for the increase in the bounce rate. The visitor goes back by reading just one page. But if people go through link another post. So that means. They are spending time on our blog Then there was no question of increasing the bounce rate. That's why never forget to link some great related articles in your post.

Final Words

What is the bounce rate in this post? Guided about this. I hope you like this information very much. So I have shared tips. Follow him exactly.

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